Microsoft has added spell checking and autocorrection to Notepad

11-07-2024 10:05

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Microsoft started testing new features in Notepad back in March, and starting today they will be available to all Windows 11 users through the Microsoft Store.


Now Notepad has a spell check function that highlights words with errors in red. Users can right-click on a highlighted word to see alternative suggestions. AutoCorrect automatically corrects minor and obvious spelling errors or errors that can be corrected manually.


The new features can be turned off in the Notepad settings or configured to work for individual file extensions (for example, only for .txt, but not for .md or .lic). Because Microsoft often rolls out updates gradually, not all users may see new features right away.


These are not the first updates for Notepad in the era of Windows 11. The program has already received a tabbed interface, a dark mode and a built-in character counter.

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