Samsung Galaxy S24 and S23 will get HDR10+ support in Instant Slo-Mo mode

11-06-2024 06:59

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra


Samsung is expanding the capabilities of the Instant Slo-Mo feature on the Galaxy S24 by introducing HDR10+ support. Presented as one of the many generative capabilities of artificial intelligence, this feature allows you to instantly slow down any video from the gallery by simply pressing and holding it. Now it will get HDR10+ support.


Instant Slo-Mo uses artificial generative intelligence to create additional frames in the video that are inserted between the actual frames. This allows you to create an artificially enhanced video with a slow-motion effect.


Currently, users cannot use this feature with HDR10+ video due to the loss of dynamic range of the video when trying to save it as SDR. However, Samsung is working on fixing this issue with a future software update.


The official moderator of Samsung’s Korean community forum confirmed that the developers are working on adding HDR10+ support and said that this support will be included in the next software update.


In addition, Samsung announced that the Instant Slo-Mo feature will also be available on the Galaxy S23 series, Galaxy Fold 5, Galaxy Flip 5 and Galaxy Tab S9.

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